Viscol-10 Automatic Kinematic Viscometer

Viscol-10 Series Automatic Kinematic Viscometer

With different models for oil/fuel, polymer, bitumen, paper/pulp etc. Viscol-10 Series is developed for the determination of kinematic viscosity of newtonian fluids at wide temperature range. All the operations as measurement, viscometer cleaning, calibration etc. are handled by the instrument automatically.


  • Full automatic operation
  • Temperature range from -40°C to 150 °C 
  • Wide range (125 Fold) viscometer tubes
  • Viscosity detection from 0,5 cSt to 25.000 cSt 
  • Dual solvent usage as a standard
  • Automatic cleaning with low solvent consumption 
  • Easy tube change
  • Full control from Windows based touch panel PC
  • Low bath oil and over temperature warnings
  • Small footprint
Oil & Fuel
ASTM D445/D446 - ISO 3104/31O5 - IP71 - DIN 51562
Plastic & Polymer
ASTM D789 D1243 D1795 D2857 D3591 D4243 D4603 D5336 - ISO 307 ISO 1628 ISO 5351
Asphalt & Bitumen
ASTM D2170 - AASHTO T201 - EN 12595
Built-in PC and Control Software
With built-in touch panel PC and control software, analysis, washing, calibration etc. operations and also viscosity index (ASTM D2270) and extrapolation (ASTM D341) calculations are handled the panel.
Wide measurement range
With different capillaries, samples from 0.5 cSt to 25.000 cSt can be measured. 125 Fold viscosity tubes with 3 measurement sections, offers the flexibility to measure different viscosity ranges without any need to change the viscometer.
Precise temperature control
Embedded AI temperature control technology gives the 0.001°C bath temperature stability. Prior to analysis required analysis temperature and the temperature stability are checked to overcome any misleading results.
Automatic cleaning
Full automatic washing and drying with one solvent or dual solvents as a standard. Visual and vocal notifications before and after the washing processes.
Precise time detection
Accurate time detection with 0.001 s sensitivity, assures the exact time measusment and viscoisty results.
Fast cooling unit
Unique design fast cooling unit, offered as a standard, lowers the bath temperature from high to low temperatures swiftly.
Data memory and transfer
Internal memory keeps the calibration and settings data with the latest 100 measurement results. Viscoisty results can be transferred to a PC aor USB environment at any time.
Safety Locks
Interlocks for over temperature and bath liquid level guarantees safe analysis. In case of any issue, visual and audible notifications warns the user with instructions to follow.
Small footprint
Built-in PC with small footprint gives the advantage to use the instrument on any bench without the need of any change.
Measurement range
0.5 cSt - 25000 cSt
Viscometer type
Temperature range
-40°C to 150 °C
Temperature precision
0.001 °C
Time detection precision
0.001 s
Sample volume
10-15 mL
Data transfer
40 Kg
30 x 50 x 80 cm
Power requirement
220 VAC - 50 Hz



Viscol-10 Series

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