Cooling systems play a vital role in preserving the overall engine heat balance and in protecting engine components against corrosion and other problems. Machinery Lubrication magazine estimates that 60% of engine downtime in the commercial sector is cooling system related.
CoolCheck provides automated measurement and profiling of coolant condition and diesel exhaust fluids integrity.
The analyzer employs both NIR and UV spectrometers to determine the health of your coolant system.

Testing your coolant and maintaining your system at optimum levels will help prevent:
  • Corrosion, pitting, rust build-up
  • Damaged seal/coolant leaking into oil
  • Overheating, boil-over, engine seize-up
  • Engine damage from freezing

As an added benefit, CoolCheck tests for correct DEF levels. An incorrect DEF mixture can also be harmful:
  • Reduces engine efficiency
  • Negates emission reduction efforts

Coolant Tests

  • Coolant Type
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Presence of Contamination
  • Boilin Point
  • Freeze Point
  • Glycol Content (%)
  • Nitrites

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tests

  • % UREA
  • % DEF
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