ASTM D445, ISO 3104, ISO 3105, IP 7, ASTM D2170

Applications: Suitable for liquid asphalts (bitumens), road oils and distillation residue of liquid asphalts at 60°C and asphalt cements at 135°C.

Key Features:

  • Programmable temperature range from ambient up to 170 °C
  • Measurement Range: 0,5 – 25.000 mm2/s cSt, based on the selected viscometer tubes
  • Accommodates Multifolds tube covering wide range of applications
  • Using very low volume wash solvents with less waste
  • Automatic sample injection
  • Fast analysis with automatic viscosity measurement and reporting
  • Automatic user programmable viscometer cleaning and drying procedures
  • Built-in single and dual automatic wash programs
  • Pre-heating unit for highly viscous samples
  • Easy tube replacement, no need to drain bath oil
  • Easy to use, not requires any special training or skills
  • Built-in Windows based touchscreen panel PC
  • User friendly software
  • Multifunction security alerts including over temperature and low bath oil
  • Compact size for use in any laboratory
  • Continuous User Support with Biolab assurance and quality

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