Fixed (Pipe Plug) Coupon Holders

Biolab carries a variety of standard pipe plug coupon holders for flat and cylindrical specimens. We can design and make these assemblies to meet your specifications for size and material requirements.

Pipe Plug Assemblies for Flat Coupons

P/N Plug Size 3” (Std.) Stem Used with Coupon P/N
RC12E*100036 3/4” NPT Nylon CO102, CO117
RC13E*100036 1” NPT Nylon CO102, CO117
RC12Q*100036 3/4” NPT Teflon CO102, CO117
RC13Q*100066 1” NPT Teflon CO102, CO117
RC12E*010036 3/4” NPT Nylon CO100, CO103, CO115
RC13E*010036 1” NPT Nylon CO100, CO103, CO115
RC12Q*010030 3/4” NPT Teflon CO100, CO103, CO115
RC13Q*010026 1” NPT Teflon CO100, CO103, CO115
RC12E*030036 3/4” NPT Nylon CO118, CO120
RC13E*030036 1” NPT Nylon CO118, CO120
RC12Q*030036 3/4” NPT Teflon CO118, CO120
RC13Q*030035 1” NPT Teflon CO118, CO120
RC12E*090036 3/4” NPT Nylon CO105, CO106
RC13E*090036 1” NPT Nylon CO105, CO106
RC12Q*090036 3/4” NPT Teflon CO105, CO106
RC13Q*090036 1” NPT Teflon CO105, CO106
RC11E*010036 3/4” NPT Nylon CO100, CO103, CO115


Pipe Plug Assemblies for Cylindrical Coupons

P/N Carbon Steel Plug Insert # of Stems
PA2080709413 2” NPT Nylon 8
PA2080783413 2” NPT Teflon 8
RC11E3040000 1/2” NPT Nylon 1
RC12E3040000 3/4” NPT Nylon 1
RC13E3040000 1” NPT Nylon 1

Bypass Piping Systems

We provide conventional or custom-designed bypass systems for on-line corrosion monitoring. Commonly used in the industrial water treatment industry to determine the corrosive properties of potable or cooling water, these systems are available in PVC, carbon and stainless steels, and other materials.

Bypass systems are easily installed to your existing piping. Normally, all you need is a 1” NPT male fitting on which to attach the bypass. Standard bypass systems come equipped with 4 pipe plug assemblies, 4 pre-weighed mild steel coupons, and a 5-gpm flow control valve.

Adjustable Coupon Holders

Low Pressure or Hand Insertable systems can be used for pressures up to 125 psi. This assembly is commonly used in the water treating industry for coupon insertion through a full port valve. An example of this is in a municipal water pumping station, where leakage during withdrawal of the test coupon would not be critical.


Retractable Coupon Holders

Packing Gland systems are used in more demanding environments, where ratings up to 1,500 psi are required and leakage is prohibited. These systems do not require line (process) shutdown to insert or withdraw coupons. The assembly is used for coupon insertion through at least a 1” full port valve. A safety chain is provided to prevent accidental ejection.

Retrievable Coupon Holders

These coupon holders are used with High Pressure Access Systems where pressure ratings up to 3,600 psi are required.


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