Laboratory ignition quality measurement for refineries, specification test laboratories and research applications


  • Direct measurement of cetane number as per ASTM D6890, and EN 15195 (IP 498) standard specification test methods; ASTM D975 (diesel), ASTM 6751 (biodiesel) and EN 590 (diesel) approved
  • Accurately and precisely determines the ignition quality of diesel and alternative diesel fuels (uses high purity, high stability heptane for calibration)
  • Sensitive to cetane improver additives; sensitive to small fuel quality variations
  • Improved repeatability and reproducibility over the full DCN scale
  • Automated test procedure and quiet operation (easy to operate)
  •  Automated flushing/cleaning and calibration with optional Totally
  • Automated Laboratory Model (TALM) Kits
  • Short test time (less than 20 minutes, less than 17 minutes with TALM kits)
  • Small sample size (less than 100 mL, less than 17 mL for research purposes)
  • High level of reliability, rugged system, low operating and maintenance costs
  • Rapid response global service

Monthly fuel exchange test results over the past decade from ASTM and the Energy Institute have demonstrated that the IQT™ combustion pressure recovery ignition delay is highly correlated to the ASTM D613 cetane number (CN). The Test Method can accurately measure the ignition delay of a wide range of middle distillate fuels over the entire cetane number scale including conventional diesel fuels, oil sands-based, biodiesel, refinery streams, specialty fuels, as well as fuels with nitrate-based and oxygenate-based cetane improver additives.

Based on a model developed from well characterized ASTM NEG fuel remnants (see reference 1), the IQT™ results are displayed in real time in ignition delay and derived cetane number (DCN) formats. The test sequence is completely automated and is performed in under 20 minutes (including sample and system preparation). Test results and statistical analysis are printed at the end of each test, permitting the operator to quickly read the computerevaluation of test validity.

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