ROW Detects: Motor oils, turbine oils, vegetable oils, fuel oils, marine diesel oils, crude oils, heating oils, lube oils, hydraulic oils, gas oils, motor oils, mineral oils

Remote Optical Watcher Autonomous non-contact sensor for detection of oil on water and land Highly accurate, easy to maintain, fi nds oil spills early so you can respond before things get out of hand.

24/7 Operation Even in Harsh Environments Day or night, in arctic cold or scorching heat, ROW helps you pinpoint the polluter, take action, and avoid lasting damage. Available in anodised aluminium, 316 stainless steel and now Exd enclosures for even the toughest environments.

Long Life, Low Maintenance Robust IP68 certified hermetic design and 5 year LED-lifetime. Low power consumption of < 2W with optional remote operation using solar panels or battery.

Pressurized for Your Protection Pressurized with inert nitrogen, ROW has been built to be a neutral observer.

Sold Globally, Serviced Locally We can ship the product anywhere in the world, safe in the knowledge that it will work. On-site service is provided by our local partners, ensuring timely and competent care for your ROW system. Where needed, LDI specialists in Estonia can be reached for consulting and feedback.

How ROW Works The Science To detect oil slicks as thin as a single micron from up to 10m above the water, ROW pulses a UV beam at the surface and excites any oil molecules in the target area. Using oil’s native fluorescence, ROW identifies tell-tale substances and alerts the site operator. After 20 years of developing remote-sensing systems we’ve probably mastered the technology better than anyone else.

Full Autonomy In most cases, ROW will operate on wired power and data lines. However, for full autonomy in hard-to-reach locations, optional solar panels and wireless setups are available.

Industry Leading Sensitivity - 1m Advanced software algorithms are calibrated to detect oil down to single-micron layers and minimize false alarms.

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