ROW Exd oil spill detector is designed to detect oil contamination in the hazardous areas where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or mists often exist.

Flameproof (Ex d) Enclosure

ROW Exd Oil Detector is encased in flameproof (Exd) 3rd party certified enclosure, made of 316L stainless steel, which is acid and corrosion resistant making it ideal for the toughest enviornments.

Top Ip Rated Exd Device

IP68 certified non-contact Exd oil detector, using UV fluorescence method — highest rated on the market.

Range Best in Class

Outstanding detection range of 8m — twice the distance in comparison to similar products on the market.

Industry Leading Sensitivity — 1 μm

Advanced software algorithms are calibrated to detect oil down to single-micron layers and minimize false alarms.

Compatible With Existing Devices

ROW Exd Oil Detector can be installed within a network of LDI’s ROW Stainless Steel and ROW Aluminium devices, making expansion of existing ROW networks exceptionally convenient.


Oil & Petrochemical: Oil Extraction, Oil Refining and Production, Storage & Transportation, Pipelines

Offshore: Platforms & Rigs, Marine Terminals, Loading & Transfer Buoys

Water Quality: Drinking Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Desalination, Intake Protection

Transportation: Ports & Harbours, Marinas & Fuel Docks, Railway, Shipyards, Airports, Military

Environmental: Storm Water Management, Public Beaches, Sensitive Wildlife Habitat

Agriculture: Farm Equipment & Fuel Storage, Aquaculture & Fish Farms

Manufacturing: Steel & Aluminium, Pulps & Paper, Food Oils

Power Generation & Distribution: Carbon Based Production, Renewables – Hydro Electric, Nuclear


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