The TFSP is an all optical analytical platform using a Precisive TFS (tunable filter spectroscopy) infrared sensor from MKS Instruments. The TFSP offers a multi-component gas analysis at unparalleled speed. The standard Envent TFSP measures methane, ethane, propane, iso-butane, iso-pentane and a combined measurement for (n-butane, n-pentane and n-hexane), as well as % level CO2 and H2S.

The spectrometer utilizes a tunable Fabry-Perot assembly that provides wavelength scanning along with advanced spectral processing that can produce response times as fast as 1 to 10 seconds. Additional measurement options are available depending on the application. This includes component analysis for the HPI market such as ethylene, propylenes, and butenes (Canada, Mexico and Middle East). Sampling is with a flowthrough cell, suitable for continuous, online, unattended operation. The analyzer does not require carrier gas, fuel gas or on-site calibration gas. The standard Envent system configuration provides measurements of up to 100% methane, 25% ethane, 25% propane, 10% butanes and 5% pentanes, 100% H2S and 100% CO2. Diatomic compounds such as nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen are not measured directly and are combined and reported as one group of unmeasured inert gases.

  • Fast response times from 1 to 10 seconds.
  • No carrier gas or instrument air required.
  • Multi-component hydrocarbon gas analysis plus percent level H2S and CO2.
  • Wide range of additional components/ recipes to choose from.
  • BTU and Wobbe Index.
  • Limited maintenance required.
  • Low total cost of ownership.
  • Advanced software provides full configurability.


  • Response times as fast as 1 to 10 seconds typical depending on application and accuracy desired.
  • No carrier gas or instrument air required.
  • First principle measurement.
  • BTU, Wobbe Index and density outputs.
  • Linear response throughout the measurement ranges.
  • Sample cell pressure and temperature compensated.
  • Remote & completely unattended operation.
  • Additional measurement recipes available.
  • Data logging.
  • Stream Switching

Application Areas

  • Natural Gas measurements including processing, transmission, storage and distribution.
  • BTU & Wobbe Index analysis.
  • Power Generation (turbine, internal combustion engine, fuel cell).
  • Acid Gas.
  • Gas Plant Inlet.
  • Truck/Ship/Railcar Unloading Terminals.
  • Portable/Temporary analysis.
  • Fuel Gas Monitoring.
  • Pipeline Blending.
  • Flare Gas Monitoring.

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