The Lab Sulfur Sentry utilizes field proven tape based technology that provides a linear and interference-free output of H2S for laboratory applications. Available for hydrogen sulfide and total sulfur (optional) in gas measurements, and for total sulfur in hydrocarbon liquids with the addition of the syringe injector/total sulfur conversion option.
  • No interference from other components in the sample
  • Low power consumption < 3 Watts
  • Measures up to 5 times the calibrated range.
  • Full field service & training available
  • I.C.E. (Integrated Configuration Environment) is a Windows® based program that accompanies all 3308 Analyzers for full configurability.
  • Field friendly interface via front display panel.
  • Easily configurable alarm processor and calculation processor.
  • 3 Mb event triggered archive storage
  • Alarm log
  • Customizable serial RS-232 & RS-485 mapping
  • Remote Display (optional)
  • Numerous modes of communication including 4-20mA outputs, alarm outputs, solenoid drivers, serial Modbus and Modbus TCP.

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