Designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements for a variety of the applications commonly found in the Oil and Gas industry. The Model 132 design offers many features while still offering a level of simplicity, affordability and reasonable delivery times that many end-users desire. Envents capability to provide customized sample conditioning systems, integration services and the necessary analytical accessories makes the Model 132 an excellent choice for many analytical process measurement requirements.


  • Start or stop analyses and calibration cycles.
  • Generate and save current and historical analysis, raw data, and calibration reports.
  • Review and modify analytical settings.
  • Upload and display multiple chromatograms for comparison.
  • Upload, download and display months of archived data.
  • Setup independant automated stream switching.

Applications Areas

Diverse stream compositions with dynamic ranges from percent to trace level measurement all encompassed in one GC. Typical Applications Include:

  • Gas Processing: Plant Inlet, Sales/Outlet, Sour Gas Pipeline Blending.
  • Amine Units: H2S for sulfur balance/acid gas.
  • NGL Fractionation: De-ethanizer, De-propanizer and De-butanizer tops and bottoms.
  • C5+ Condensate.
  • C9+ with Hydrocarbon Dewpoint.
  • Waste and Fuel Gas Analysis.
  • Biogas and Landfill.
  • SAGD.
  • Custom Applications.

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