Combining 3 different internationally accepted ASTM procedures in 1 single system:

  • ASTM D-2892
  • ASTM D-5236
  • ASTM D-1160

The crude oil distillation system is designed to work in semi-automatic operation mode and combines all required features of PETRODIST 100 S, PETRODIST 200 S and PETRODIST 300 M in a single system in the most economical way. One distillation procedure can be used at a time (alternatively but not simultaneously) by using the following central components which are used by all distillation methods. These common devices include the fraction collector (not for D-1160), central controller and laptop, vacuum supply and cooling thermostat.

The capacity of the fraction collector can be verified depending on the flask volume by exchanging the insert construction to allow either 18 receivers of 500 mL or 9 receivers of each 1 L.

All distillation results can be entered into an Excel file to be stored as well as for calculation of final results and printout of a distillation curve.

ASTM D1160, D2892, D5236

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