This top of the line refractometer is exceptionally precise with measurement accuracies of 0.00002 refractive index (RI) and 0.02% Brix. With a built-in Peltier thermostat, the AR9 controls the temperature at the sample interface to an accuracy of 0.03°C. This unit is resilient and durable, making it the right choice for all laboratory requirements. As a robust sealed system, the AR9 is able to perform in a variety of environments. This refractometer has the capability to provide measurements for the most critically regulated industries. The AR9 has a YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) prism, the hardest prism available, guaranteeing accuracy and resilience for years. The Universal Display is included with the AR9 at no charge.

Tehnical Data

Measuring Scales         Refractive index (RI), %Brix and other standard scales included.  User defined scales available.
Measuring range 1.32000 – 1.70000 RI / 0 to 100% Brix
Accuracy ± 0.00002 RI / ± 0.02% Brix
Reproducibility ± 0.00001 RI / ± 0.01% Brix
Measurement Method Single sample or flow through
Measurement mode Continuous

Temperature Specifications

Ambient Operating Temperature    +10 to +40°C
Automatic Temperature Compensation +5° to +100°C
Temperature Measurement Optimized accuracy – sensor integral to sample surface
Temperature Control Method Peltier control range 5°C to +100°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.03°C
Temperature Reproducibility ± 0.02°C
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