TC40 set-up for D849 to determine the corrosiveness to copper from aromatic hydrocarbons. . The set-up consists of a TC40 circulator bath and it is standard delivered with six sets of glassware (250 mL flask and condenser). The cover of the bath has six openings with lids and a leveling platform. Two stand rods with six clamps to hold the glassware in the same position are standartly supplied. The temperature range is from ambient +5°C to 250°C.

Technical Data

Weight [kg] 30
Mains 230V-50Hz
Test Method ASTM D849
Bath Temperature Accuracy [± ] 0.02 °K
Maximum Temperature 250 °C
Minimum Temperature Ambient
Bath Volume 40 litre
Bath Width 295
Bath Height 480
Bath Length 480
Bath Opening 6
Ürün Broşürü:
TC40 D849 Datasheet.pdf

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