In the lab, in the process, in the field – the CALIDUS Gas Chromatograph is fast becoming the leading choice for GC applications in a wide variety of industry and environmental applications.

With the ultrafast, ultra-user-friendly, highly durable, practical, reliable and economical CALIDUS GC you will find more measurement solutions faster and easier, produce better quality products, increase productivity and profitablity, with far less hassle and environmental impact.

Whether you are directly involved in fuel characterizations or not, the new D7798 method is important to you. If you are directly involved in fuel characterizations, D7798 is vitally important to your industry. This ultrafast method can perform simulated distillation nearly 6 times faster than the previous method (D2887).

Crude oil is a valuable and vital resource in our lives. Crude is refined to create fuels, petrochemicals and further refined chemicals that are processed into many widely used industrial and consumer products.

With its patented modular columns and detectors platform, application range is second only to analytical speed in the list of CALIDUS GC advantages.

Consider these diverse capabilities:

  • Gas or liquid samples
  • Fixed gases & hydrocarbons up to C44
  • Petroleum products & biodiesel formulations up to C50
  • FID, TCD, DBD, or FPD detector modules
  • Rotary sample valve or syringe
  • Single column module lengths up to 8 meters
  • Dual column module units up to 16 meters
ASTM D7798, ISO 9377-2
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