From crude oil to bio-fuels in additives or water, the Phoebe®  Bench-Top Analyzer delivers unprecedented precision and accuracy for quantification of phosphorus analysis. Based on XOS’s MWD XRF analytic platform, (as found in Sindie ®  and Clora ®analyzers) Phoebe ® offers a LOD of 0.4 ppm in hydrocarbon matrices in a ten-minute measurement cycle.

The analyzer’s extreme ease of use with straightforward touch screen operation allows for use in a broad range of industrial environments. Phoebe ® is a “plug it in and measure” analytical solution and does not require extensive sample preparation, consumable gasses or sample conversion.


Monochromatic Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (MWD XRF) utilizes state-of-the-art focusing and monochromating optics to increase excitation intensity and dramatically improve signal-to-background over high power traditional WD XRF instruments. This enables significantly improved detection limits and precision and a reduced sensitivity to matrix effects. A monochromatic and focused primary beam excites the sample and secondary characteristic fluorescence x-rays are emitted from the sample. A second monochromating optic selects the phosphorus characteristic x-rays and directs these x-rays to the detector. MWD XRF is a direct measurement technique and does not require consumable gasses or sample conversion.
Technical Data  
LOD 0.4 ppm in 600s.
Dynamic Range 0.4-3000 ppm wt.
Dimensions 37 cm (w) x 50 cm (d) x 34 cm (h)
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