Fully Automatic Kinematic Viscometer

Fully Automated Kinematic Viscometer for oil, fuel, bitumen and polymer applications

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Oxidation Stability

Oxidation stability measurements in oil and fuels.

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Distillation and Evaporator Systems

Atmospheric, vacuum distillation, thin-film and short-path evaporator systems

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Used Oil Analysis Systems

Tribune, engine, compressor etc. complex oil analysis systems for equipment condition checks

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Sulfur, Chlorine Analysis Systems

WDXRF and EDXRF analysis systems for precise analysis of sulfur, chlorine and other elements

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Oil & Grease Analysis Systems

Infracal Infrared Analysis System with 15 min. oil / grease test

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Cold Property Detection Systems

Akma, bulutlanma, donma, filtre tıkanma (CFPP) vb. tüm soğuk özelli

Combined and seperate pour point, clouding point, freeze point, cold filter plugging point (CFPP)  analyzer

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Used Oil

Machine & Oil Condition Control & Trending Systems


Petroleum products anaylsis systems

Environment & Chemistry

Water, soil and residual oil analysis systems

Material & Mining

Benchtop and handheld instrument for material analysis


Pipeline corrosion tracking coupons and analyzers

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